About OktaviaChair

OktaviaChair is an adjustable musicians chair for children. The chair’s unique design ensures an ergonomically correct sitting- and playing position for children of all ages in order to prevent and alleviate back injuries. The seat is tilted slightly forward and is adjustable in height due to a unique, stepless mechanism. When the seat is tipped forward, the mechanism will lock the seat in place, which enables even young children to adjust the chair easily.

When playing music, it is important that the child stays motivated and uses the energy and concentration on playing the instrument rather than on uncomfortable sitting conditions. A right sitting position helps improving the learning conditions and increases the joy of playing.

The height adjustability feature is very suitable for music schools, where children of all ages and sizes use the same chairs, and for the private home, where OktaviaChair can grow with the child and follow the child during his or her entire music career.

OktaviaChair’s lightweight design makes the chair easy to lift and carry, and it is easy to store and transport to and from concerts venues or lessons. The chairs can be stacked efficiently, which saves valuable floor space at music schools.

Aesthetically, OktaviaChair is designed for the universe of classical music. The chair has no visually distracting elements, and the high quality of materials and finishing expresses simplicity and sophistication. OktaviaChair’s design enables the musician and the music to naturally be in focus on stage, while the chair stays in the background.